18 February 2007

Class Formations

NUM GS Frans Baleni was interviewed by Irene Louw in yesterday’s City Press concerning the Fidentia crash. See below.

Meanwhile Fidentia’s Danisa Baloyi, who is also a director of numerous other companies and the reputed “Queen of BEE”, spoke to the Business Report. She is defiant. See below.

The Alliance has rallied round to revive SANCO following its failed, aborted National Conference last December. See the ANC announcement linked below. There will be another National Conference in September 2007. In the mean time a National Interim Leadership Core has been created.

On April 21, 2006, the Communist University blogged as follows:

‘The ANC Progressive Business Forum has been launched (
see link) with the slogan “Can you afford not to belong?” Class alliance (unity in action for a common goal) is good. Class collaboration (betrayal of the oppressed to the oppressor class) is bad. Which is this? Do the “policy team” and the “friendly consultants” know the difference?’

The Sunday Times has suddenly woken up to the existence of the PBF and doesn’t like it (see the link below). Nor does their favoured “analyst”, Richard Calland, who thinks the PBF is “plain wrong”. But why is it wrong? Is it wrong because it is a class alliance, or because it is a class collaboration?

From their point view, of course, they would not at all mind to have a State that is a pure executive committee of the bourgeois ruling class, and if the working class can be co-opted to come along without complaint, so much the better.

But unfortunately for them their own bourgeois class, at anything even slightly below State level, is a vicious cockpit of lethal conflict. What the individual bourgeois can’t abide is the idea of another bourgeois getting ahead of him. In this way the hypocritical idea of bourgeois “fairness” arises, and literally spoils the party.

None of which directly answers the CU’s original question about the ANC PBF. It would be nice to have an SACP view on the matter. Meanwhile the ANC has been quick to leap to the defence of its precious PBF. See below.

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