27 February 2016

Communist University Blog Announcement


Communist University Blog

This blog has been used for a number of years as a running record of the Communist University postings.

It contains a record of the full, four-year, 16-course cycle of the CU.

It also contains an archive of the historically-interesting years from 2005 to (early) 2010 when the CU blog was more of a general magazine and running record of current events.

It can be searched, and browsed.

Web site

There is now an improved archive of all the CU courses at:

The NEHAWU, SACP and YCLSA web sites carry versions of the following button on their web sites, linked to the course archive:

Links at the top of this page remain useful in different ways, and can be edited. In other respects, this blog will now be left as it is. Up-to-date versions of the courses will be found on the new archive site.


The Communist University posts will continue to be e-mailed from the Google Group. Find it at:

Please join this e-mail group. It is a discussion forum as well as a means of serialising the CU courses. The archive of all postings is accessible. Like the blog, it can be searched and browsed

Blog Policy

It is still possible that new courses could be developed for the CU, but it is not very likely to happen in the near future. The 16-course division of the material is comprehensive, convenient and stable, providing a four-year cycle which is run on four parallel channels, and so is completed every year, taking the four channels all together.

Therefore is no longer necessary to repeat the posting of the courses to the blog. It is true that the courses are edited and updated as they are sent out, so changes do occur. These changes can be picked up from the new archive, linked above.

This blog can now rest, and remain as a semi-static resource.

Feel free to explore it.


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