22 July 2015

ANC Election Manual

Agitprop, Part 5c

ANC Election Manual

The attached document is a short version of the ANC Election Manual, produced in 2013 for the 2014 National and Provincial general election.

The Agitprop course is necessarily organised according to the different ways and means that can be used to get the agitational political message out.

There is no organic point at which we will start to consider campaigns in their totality. It is convenient to introduce this text on election campaigning at this half-way point, although it is not especially related to the other items in this part.

You will see that the document considers and combines many different means of propaganda.

In this document, you can see these various means deployed in proportion to their usefulness in this particular context, which is historically that of an election.

Further on in the course, we will look at strikes, which are a different form of campaign, and in the last part we will again consider campaigns in more general way, including the annual Red October campaigns of the SACP

·        The above is to introduce our reading-text, ANC Gauteng Election Manual, CU short version.


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