19 May 2015

Voting Districts and Wards

Induction, Part 8a

From the IEC web site

Voting Districts and Wards

Registered voters are about half of the total population. In Gauteng, which has more registered voters than any other Province, Voting Districts contain on average about 2400 voters, and so around 5000 people altogether. Wards may contain four or five Voting Districts. Exactly how many wards there are in Gauteng is not known to the CU at this moment but it may be that the average number of people in a Ward is between 15,000 and 20,000, and half that number of voters.

The IEC runs elections. The Demarcations Board sets ward boundaries.

The next elections, which will be the municipal, local authority elections, are scheduled to be held in 2016.

But the election results in 2016 will depend upon the work that is done to revive the ANC Branches.

This is the view that was taken in the attached article, written very soon after the 2014 National and Provincial Elections.

Work for the 2016 municipal elections has already begun.

·        The above is to introduce an original reading-text: New Age Article on the 2014 election, Tweedie, 2014


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