4 June 2014

Green Paper Revised

Development, Part 8a

Green Paper Revised

The Revised Green Paper on the National Planning Commission of January 2010 (attached) resolves the question of authority as follows:

Cabinet would be ultimately responsible for adopting a national vision and strategic plan. A clear understanding of how government works as well as independent input that clearly articulates the aspirations of ordinary South Africans are two essential ingredients of this national vision and strategic plan.”

The document is brief and concerns itself with some definitions. In conclusion it says:

“The Revised Green Paper: National Planning Commission is thus now published in the Gazette, proclaiming the establishment of the Commission and inviting nominations.

The nominations from the public were many and rumoured to be in the thousands, but the names of neither the nominees nor any intermediate shortlist were published, but only (on 30 April 2010) the list of 24 appointed Commissioners, who were:

Bobby Godsell
Mariam Altman
Joel Netshitenzhe
Jerry Coovadia
Elias Masilela
Chris Malikane
Anton Eberhard
Karl von Holdt
Jerry Vilakazi
Vivienne Taylor
Bridgette Gasa
Mohammed Karaan
Noluthando Gosa
Marcus Balintulo
Thandabantu Goba
Tasneem Essop
Jennifer Molwantwa
Vuyokazi Mahlati
Phillip Harrison
Pascal Moloi
Mike Muller
Malekgapuru Makgoba
Ihron Rensburg
Vincent Maphai

Next, we will look at the IPAP2 document.

Image: GOELRO Plan (Electrification of the Soviet Union) as imagined by artist Pavel Filonov, (1883-1941). The GOELRO Plan was published in 1920 and completed by 1931.

What Lenin wrote:  Communism = Soviet power + electrification

·        The above is to introduce the original reading-text: National Planning Commission Revised Green Paper 2010.


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