13 January 2014

Sound System, Carpentry, Painting and Catering

Agitprop, Part 10

Sound System, Carpentry, Painting and Catering

Agitprop, Part 10

Portable PA systems, for 200 people and for 2000 people

Sound Engineer and System

Wal Hannington, writing a long time ago, pointed out that a sound system that does not work, is a curse.

The Mipro range gives compact, robust, portable public address with wireless microphones at a reasonable price, if that is what people want. It is still not foolproof. You should always test the system and keep checking that it is working.

It is not the case that an audience will always let the platform know when they cannot hear.

Checks should be made with every speaker from all parts of the audience, more than once in every speaker’s set.

More affordable systems

The second illustration is of systems on offer from a shop in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. The small Public Address is the best value at R438 including FM radio.

If a branch can have its own equipment of this kind then it will be able to get on with its work without waiting for borrowed equipment. The 5 Core prices are:

Portable, recharcheable 35W (loud) Public Address system, with wireless microphone.
Plays music from a USB port and has a built-in FM radio receiver: R438.
This PA equipment will do everything you need for meetings and functions.

Megaphone with additional speaker, battery-operated (takes 6 batteries). R90.
Other models are available.

Car Loudhailer speakers, R150 or less (each). Separate amplifier, R325.
Roof bar not included.

These prices should be affordable for most branches.

Agitprop, Part 10a

Armed Worker (Soviet Poster)

Carpenter and Painter

Carpenters and painters are needed when you get into different ways of making your point.

One would be the making or rigging of exhibition stands as shown in the previous part.

There are many ways in which skilled workers of all kinds can generate propaganda.

Agitprop, Part 10b

Cake for 60th Anniversary of Cde Eric Stalin Mtshali’s Party membership


The above is an example of revolutionary catering.

There is also the question of whether to feed or not to feed, a meeting or a political education session. It is always a draw-card if you can organise food.


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