2 February 2011

Design is Politics

Development, Part 3c

Design is Politics

Glen Mills’ excellent, short, 2006 Business Day article “Thinking out of the matchbox” (download linked below) briefly summarises the general situation in South African housing, which has not changed much in the mean time.

There is still no public discussion of design, except at the “Top billing” level of snobbery and eclecticism, or at the level of the most banal, hopeless utilitarianism, in the press.

Mills’ article brings in the vital question of design. His argument is true and tragic. Design is the politics and the propaganda of the eye, and the enabler of freedom. It is the politics that is lived in, as opposed to being merely read or spoken.

Design is terribly impoverished in South Africa. This part of politics has been neglected.

This is the last text in this part. In the next part, we look at the rural side of things.

Image: “Plug-In City

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