18 December 2009

Venezuela's President awarded Chris Hani Peace Prize

Venezuela's President awarded the Peace Prize Chris Hani

Caracas, Dec 16 ABN.- In virtue of his work in favor of the working class and for being considered as “the main warrior in the anti imperialism struggle, the Bolivarian Revolution, and for his commitment in the fights for peace, solidarity and socialism of the working class,” South African Communist Party (SACP) awarded the Peace Prize Chris Hani to the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.
The prize was awarded during the second summit of the political party, which took place in Polokwane, South Africa.

The activity, carried out on the occasion of the SACP's 50 anniversary, was attended by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, who congratulated Venezuela's diplomatic mission in the country, represented by Ambassador Antonio Montilla.
After receiving the prize from hands of the SACP general secretary Balde Nzimande, Ambassador Montilla expressed that “President Chavez would receive humbly and gratefully a recognition from a party that is part of the triple alliance ruling in South Africa, and it would be doubtlessly received as well as a challenge and a reason to continue his support to the Southern people and, especially, South Africa's people.”
This prize was devised in memory of the great values and revolutionary morale of Chris Hani (1942-1993), who was a South African revolutionary leader whose political vision and military tactics helped bring about the end of the apartheid system.
Former president Nelson Mandela, who also received the prize in 1998, expressed: “This peace prize recognises the message that comrade Chris articulated at the time of his death, an objective to which he dedicated his life of struggle. The mark of great leaders is the ability to understand the context in which they are operating and act accordingly. As a brave and dedicated fighter for liberation, comrade Chris pursued the mission of our organisation which at all moments he participated in defining.”

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