27 July 2009

How to Be a Good Communist

[CU for Tuesday 28 July 2009] The first chapter of Liu-Shaoqui’s famous book is our next item from the CU course on “Basic Communism”. It is apt because there is a sudden and rebirth of political education activity, big and small, in South Africa.

We have heard of the double David Harvey series on Marx’s Capital Volume 1 that is being run in Durban. Phone CCS at 031 260 3577 or e-mail ccs@ukzn.ac.za.

On Sunday, NUMSA held a brilliant political school and combined celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, in Johannesburg, with the Cuban Ambassador Angel Villa.

Comrade Angel Villa is our old friend, once an honoured guest of the Communist University, and practically a South African, now returned at last as Cuba’s Ambassador. Viva Cde Angel, Viva!

SACP F K Mathuli Branch invites all cadres and those who want to learn True Politics to a Political Class which will be held every Wednesday; Venue: Khubvi P. School; Time: 16h30, Ward 36, Thulamela Municipality, Limpopo Province.

Yesterday a three-day NEHAWU national political school opened in Birchwood Hotel, East Rand Gauteng.

People are asking about the old CU, that used to meet weekly from 17h00 to 18h30 at different venues in Braamfontein. Well, it can open again. People must organise it. The blog component is currently taken care of.

Anyone can organise a study circle, anywhere, just like the F K Mathuli SACP Branch has done in Limpopo.

Karl Marx wrote (towards the end of the Communist Manifesto) that in socialism “the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all”.

This sounds very nice but it puts a duty on each person to use freedom and to actually develop. If individuals fail to develop then the whole society will not develop.

Liu-Shaoqui discusses how members of a Communist Party should “cultivate and temper themselves” and “why communists must undertake self cultivation.” He says “…the proletariat must conscientiously go through long periods of social revolutionary struggles and in such struggles change society and change itself.”

Click on this link:

How to be a good Communist, Chapter 1, Liu Shaoqi, 1939 (2546 words)


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