2 June 2008

Afrophobia, Out, Out, Out!

The Communist University meets this afternoon (Monday, 2 June 2008) at 17h00, in the SACP boardroom, 3rd floor, COSATU House, 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein. We are scheduled to discuss parts 1 to 4 of Chapter 10 of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, called The Working Day. This text has already been distributed, because last week we suspended the programme so as to discuss the latest Umsebenzi Online.

The first item linked below is the declaration of the SACP Central Committee meeting that took place over the weekend. Among other important things, it says: “While there is not yet support from our allies in this regard, the SACP continues to believe that the President of the country should be recalled… our country and our region cannot afford to persist with the current blend of directionless absenteeism, and meddling factionalism and general irresoluteness. All of this has poisoned the security and intelligence forces of our country, the functioning of our public broadcaster, and much more.” This SACP announcement concerning the president, Thabo Mbeki, has already made headlines in at least one London newspaper, as well as South African media outlets of all kinds.

Among the growing body of South African opinion that the SACP refers to as favouring Cde Mbeki’s recall is the Business Day newspaper, which carried a serious but also highly humorous piece by Aubrey Matshiqi (pictured) on Friday, that got noticed everywhere.

Humour is something we all need. It’s hard to see a funny side to the next item, though. This is the situation is Soetwater, near Cape Town, and a very sad situation. The people behind
eMzantsi Ubuntu Coalition seem to be doing a lot of good things and reporting other good work of material aid, but it needs more than this to reverse the consequences of the unforgivable Afrophobia of the last three weeks.

On the political side, COSATU has made a full-colour three-language pamphlet in PDF format. Click on the link below and download it. The Onica Mashego Branch (Johannesburg Ward 81) of the ANC has made a draft flyer, also in three languages. Click to read it and to download it in MS-Word format.

The sixth item is last week’s COSATU Central Executive Committee statement, essential reading for communists. Not only does it have a great deal to say about the recent Afrophobic pogroms, but also about the coming national elections and the very much enhanced position of the working class in the Alliance and the consequently even more crucial part that the organised working class can and must play in ensuring a massive ANC victory.

Lastly, the abolition of a monarchy is generally cause for jubilation, and the case of Nepal this week was no exception. See the last item. Long live the Nepali communists, long live!

Click on these links:

SACP Central Committee, 30-31 May 2008, declaration (1020 words)

SA must carry on without Mbeki, Aubrey Matshiqi, Business Day (689 words)

eMzantsi Ubuntu Coalition, Soetwater latest (465 words)

COSATU appeals to workers - say NO to Xenophibia, pamphlet (942 KB PDF download)

Masihlanganeni – Ha re kopaneng, draft ANC Onica Mashego branch flyer (2-sided flyer)

COSATU Central Executive Committee statement (3788 words)

Nepal abolishes monarchy (637 words)

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