13 March 2008

A Man Called Horse

The vile Scorpions have the cheek to talk back to Parliament.

“The South African Communist Party finds it outrageous and offensive in the extreme that the Scorpions are arrogantly challenging the unanimous findings of a duly constituted parliamentary committee, the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (JSCI), on the 'Special Browse Mole'.”

Read the rest of the SACP’s forthright anti-Scorpion statement by clicking the first link below.

The National Executive Committee of the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) has announced its intention to lead a national strike of SAMWU members. See the second link.

SAMWU’s Greater Johannesburg and West Rand Branches have also resolved to strike if the grievances of SAMWU members in the Nelson Mandela Metro are not quickly taken care of. See the third link.

The Communist University’s Coming Events page currently lists 33 events from now to the end of June.

Three of the latest entries are:

* An SACP political school on Saturday in Bellville (Cape Town). See the fourth link.

* Chris Hani month activities during April, all in a table (this single item schedules 12 separate events) linked below.

* A 3-day colloquium in Cape Town organised by Amandla magazine.

The picture is a film poster for “A Man Called Horse” (1970).

Click on these links:

Scorpion reaction to parliamentary investigations and findings, SACP (185 words)

SAMWU announces national strike action (722 words)

Gauteng SAMWU will strike in sympathy with NMM workers (563 words)

Pre and Post Polokwane Proletarian Politics, 10h00, Bellville, 15 March 2008 (flyer)

Chris Hani Month, Commemoration Activities, CHI (table)

Colloquium, Post Apartheid Capitalism, Cape Town, 4 - 6 April 2008 (notice)

Coming Events


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