3 November 2007

Umsebenzi Online At Last

Not everything can go technically smooth in any business, not even revolutionary business. But at last the CU has secured “The Revolution Is On Trial (4): Defend the Values of the National Liberation Movement” from the last Umsebenzi Online – see the link below. This document typifies the unmistakable sensation of the Communist Party. It is like cool running water in a parched land.

Another technically (slightly) challenged piece of work in the revolutionary cause is the web site of the Communist Party of India, the CPI. It is one of those sites which does not have separate URLs for the different pages, which makes it impossible to link to the precise page. But in spite of such small disabilities, it too has the refreshing quality of cool running water in a parched land.

The page that is of most interest is found by clicking “Documents” on the left-hand sidebar of the CPI site. It is the Political Resolution from the CPI’s 19th Congress. When that Congress was, is not recorded, but it may have been two years ago. There are hints on the site that the CPI is preparing for its next (20th) Congress, and the CPI Constitution says that All-India CPI Congresses are held every three years.

The point is that the CPI Political Resolution was adopted following an election. The Indian “Hindutva” fascist parties had received a set-back, and the question was: On what political terms and by means of what structures should the CPI and other left parties co-operate with the anti-fascist bourgeois government? It offers South Africans a very good insight into how problems such as we are experiencing in relation to the ANC government can be handled. It is very helpful to see that there are many different ways and means by which it is possible to structure a relationship with a bourgeois government. Some of these ways and means have not yet even been imagined in South African public discourse. Read and learn!

Still on the subject of difficulties of revolutionary communication, the Umsebenzi Online of 17 October is still not posted on the SACP web site as this CU mailing goes out. But, in contrast, there is another document there on the web site which has not otherwise been circulated (e.g. it has not been issued to the media). This is a very important intervention by the SACP in support of the Hungarian Communist and Workers’ Party, whose entire leadership is threatened with jail in Hungary on the strength of trumped-up charges.

The latest news from the Czech Republic, by the way, is that the threatened fascist “Kristallnacht Anniversary” neo-Nazi provocation scheduled for 10 November has been banned again, and rightly so.

Don’t forget that next Wednesday, 7 November 2007, is the 90th Anniversary of the October Revolution. If there is no organised celebration near you, celebrate anyway! Organise your own celebration!

TAC Gauteng will march for improvements to maternal health and the mother-to-child transmission prevention programme in Germiston, Ekurhuleni, on Monday. Why, oh why, does TAC not inform its allies further in advance? This is another example of technical weakness of communication. The following details were picked up from a TAC press release, relayed by COSATU on Friday evening:

Date: 5 November

Time: 9am to 2pm

Meeting point: Golden Walk Dog Park (across from the Germiston Post Office)

End point: Germinston Civic Center.

For comment or further details, please call Lefa Thlame on 073 696 0532 or 011 339 8421.


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