7 June 2007

Intense Class Struggle

The Communist University has been in abeyance for a few days and some people have complained about it. The reason for the gap is the intense current class struggle and the many other tasks that have to be fulfilled in relation to that.

It is true that political education should not be suspended in periods of heightened political activity. On the contrary, political education should be stepped up in such periods. The CU can only offer its archive and encourage people to download material, read, share, gather together and dialogue. Revolutionary service will be resumed in the previous manner as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, please, if you have not already done so, subscribe for COSATU Today (and COSATU Daily Labour News) at
http://groups.google.com/group/COSATU-Daily-News. Please also recruit other subscribers to this list. This service is South Africa’s working-class daily. In the case of COSATU Today, it comes formatted ready for hard-copy printing as a four-page sheet.

Click here to download the latest COSATU Today, if you do not already have it. It contains the full COSATU CEC statement on the current Public Service strike.

Concerning the Public Service dispute, please also visit, subscribe and take part in the e-mail dialogue at
http://groups.google.com/group/TwelvePerCent. This multi-purpose site is an archive of material relating to the current Public Service strike of around a million workers in at least sixteen unions, including eight COSATU-affiliated ones. COSATU has called for a total shut-down in the Public Service tomorrow, Friday 8 June 2007, and a full general strike of all workers including the private sector, next Wednesday, 13 June 2007, if there is no satisfactory movement from the employer’s side.

James Tweedie is a friend of South Africa. He was here last year December as a delegate from the British YCL to the YCLSA National Congress. He now works for the London working-class newspaper, the Morning Star, as a reporter, and yesterday wrote his first front-page splash. See the link below. The story by James is about the run-down of the British Public Service, especially the National Health Service. There is also a big panel on the SA Public Service dispute.

Please e-mail messages of appreciation to James via
webmaster@morningstaronline.co.uk. You can also send your press releases and other news to that address in future. Click here to go to the Morning Star web site.

Click on this link:

James Tweedie, British NHS Crisis, SA Public Service Crisis, Morning Star 070607 (199 KB PDF)


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