5 December 2006

Take The Initiative

Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela. Viva!

John Bolton resigned from the United Nations. Good!

COSATU is having its 21st Anniversary all-day event on December 7th starting at 10h00 at Boksburg Civic Centre. We expect ANC SG Kgalema Motlanthe, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi, and Dr Ashwin Desai among many others. See the linked programme below, and some pictures to the right-hand side.

Now some news that’s not so good.

In Swaziland, Mphandlana Shongwe was beaten unconscious by police. See the linked report from the Times of Swaziland.

This is because, thanks to Michael Schmidt and his phantasmagoria “secret army” story, the “Swazi debate is fired up”. Schmidt is proud of firing it up with his lying false report. What does he care if the Swazi “majesties” and their police are “debating” with truncheons and rubber bullets? Schmidt only cares about his portfolio, his CV, his fame, and his salary. His is the worst kind of “you furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war” Hearst-style so-called journalism. What a skunk! See his vainglorious self-congratulatory “follow-up”, linked below. It appeared in the useless Saturday Star on the same day that Mphandlana Shongwe was beaten unconscious and hospitalised. None of the other South African papers picked up Schmidt’s stupid made-up “story”, we are happy to say.

The Communist University has mastered Blogger Beta. We are back to normal, but now with pictures! Our blog has a much better look and a new URL:

Click on these links:

COSATU 21st Anniversary programme, Boksburg, Dec 7 (programme)

Mphandlana needed five stitches, Makhosi Magongo, Times of Swaziland (271 words)

Swazi debate is fired up, Michael Schmidt, Saturday Star (853 words)


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