28 April 2006

Documents of the Working Class

It is great when people write to the Communist University, and Cheche Selepe has often done so. A search for “Cheche on the CU site produces 13 entries. His linked letter today is a strong challenge to yesterday’s blog, which said, as he correctly quotes: 'In the case of a conviction, the SACP collectively will accept it. That is the inevitable corollary of the Party’s stated position of “innocent until proven guilty”.' Cheche is ready to challenge the court’s verdict if Jacob Zuma is convicted of rape, while Raymond Suttner has let it be known that he will disagree with the verdict if Zuma is acquitted. The CU claims no extra knowledge over any Party member or lay person (click Critical Pedagogy” on the site if you want this explained in detail). But let’s look at a few facts. Jacob Zuma is charged with a crime, and has (unlike, say, Saddam Hussein) accepted the court’s competence to try the case. After a rigorous process of selection of the judge (this one was at least the fifth choice) Zuma has fully participated in the proceedings without expressing any reservations. He has employed officers of the court, in particular Kemp J. Kemp and his assistants, to represent his interest. “Innocent until proven guilty” surely cannot mean, as Cheche seems to think: “innocent even if proven guilty”. One does not have to have the Party’s further say-so on that. It is clear enough. When the question was put to COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi as to what COSATU would do if Zuma was convicted (in the corruption case that is still to come) he said: “We will be very disappointed in him”. There has never been any suggestion, until Cheche’s letter, that the movement will not accept the verdict of a proper court of law. That is what is meant by Zuma “having his day in court”. Opponents of Zuma such as Suttner should reflect on this carefully. Hassen Lorgat also, who sent me an e-mail on Wednesday headed “support the Zuma rape vicitim” (seemingly libelous and actionable at this stage). Are we going to see the Hassens and the Cheches duking it out in the streets? We do not need any spokesperson to tell us that no part of the tripartite alliance wants that. The whole alliance will accept the court’s verdict, without a doubt, one way or the other. The denouement (unravelling) of the case continues today with the defence summing-up, and on Tuesday with the judgement (whether it will be completed on Tuesday we do not know). The judge has also undertaken to give his reasons for taking evidence about the previous history of the complainant. Read and learn from the Communication Workers Union Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement with Telkom. It is an advantege for partisans of the working class to be able to see the documents of the class struggle as it goes along. See also the notice for the working-class cultural revival meeting in Cape Town on May 13th Links: Letter from Cheche on Zuma rape trial (395 words) CWU Memorandum of Understanding 26 April 2006 (332 words) CWU Agreement 26 April 2006 signed (2775 words, download) Revive working class culture, 13 May 2006 Salt River 09h00 (Notice)

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  1. Hmm. dominic, are you making out a general case or a very specific one? If general, this is a very dodgy post indeed and one which says the courts never get it wrong. in a country like sa that is a helluva thing to say. there are never any miscarriages of justice etc. If specific to this case, then you have kind of thrown in the towel.... at best, this post is a stick to beat everyone into line. the world don't work that way no more....


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